Legal Notice

Legal Notice

1. Legal Information

In accordance with article 10.1 of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2002 (the “LSSI”), it is placed on record that HESPERIA WORLD, S.L.U. ("HESPERIA”) is the service provider, with registered office at Avda. Virgen de Bellvitge, number 3, CP 08907, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain), and employer identification number B-67.307.242, pending registration at the Barcelona Commercial Registry. The following email is also made available should you have any comments:

2. Bookings

In accordance with article 27.1.a) LSSI, bookings via will be comprised of the following steps:

Step 1: selection of the hotel by the customer, via said website, using the search parameters available.

Step 2: selection of the number of guests and rooms.

Step 3: selection of the desired dates of stay.

Step 4: selection of the type of room.

Step 5: inclusion of personal details regarding the booking and, where applicable, of the bank card used to secure the booking and acceptance of booking conditions.

Step 6: verification of the booking details.

Step 7: formalization of the booking and display of the relevant confirmation page.

Step 8: sending of e-mail confirming the booking with the booking details.

HESPERIA will generate an electronic document formalizing the booking for your records. You will receive access to and complete information on said record in an e-mail which will be sent once the booking has been processed.

Once the booking has been formalized, please review the contents in order to identify possible errors when entering the details. If corrections are necessary, please contact our booking office on +34 93 413 50 55, and provide us with the details of your booking. HESPERIA’s booking services are offered in Spanish, English and Catalan. To change the language please use the drop-down language menu in the top right-hand side of any page at

In accordance with the specific conditions of the particular rates applied to the booking, payment may be made (i) in advance, fully or partially, when booking, (ii) when checking in or (iii) when checking out. Payment may be made through: a credit card accepted at the establishment and/or in cash in the currency accepted in the country in which the hotel is located.

The legal clause regarding the right of withdrawal does not apply to bookings made via or the telephone bookings service. In all cases the specific terms and conditions of the offer in relation to cancellation will be applicable. For any cancellations please contact the hotel directly using the telephone number, postal address or email address indicated in the booking confirmation message and provide the booking details.

3. Intellectual property

All content included on this website, including, but not limited to, articles, texts, designs, photographs, images, logos, videos, audio, databases, software, and the website in its entirety belong to HESPERIA as owner of the domain and/or as the entity authorized to use such content pursuant to the grant of a license by third parties. Use of the content without express prior authorization is therefore prohibited.

All trademarks, trade names, logos and any other distinctive signs appearing on the website are the property of HESPERIA, or HESPERIA holds the corresponding user license for their inclusion on the website.

In the absence of express authorization, the user may not reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate or transform the above contents and/or trademarks for commercial or profit-making purposes.


1. Reservation terms and conditions

Reservation conditions

The reservation, where appropriate, will secured with your credit card. In such case, your credit card details will be stored securely and confidentially. HESPERIA undertakes to keep the information provided by its customers confidential.

Where offers, promotions, special rates, non-refundable and restricted rates are applicable to the reservation, from the time the reservation is made or from the time that restrictions are applied, a charge may be made by our POS as a secure deposit. This charge will be deducted from your final invoice at the chosen hotel. Your credit card details will be stored in a secure and confidential manner as an additional guarantee.

Should you have to pay all or part of the reservation at the chosen hotel on arrival, you may be asked to pay that amount on the day you arrive (i.e.. when you check in).

If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, you must do so in advance before the check-in date established in the original reservation, specified in the particular conditions of the rate or offer chosen. In other circumstances the relevant charges will be applied.

Once you have made your reservation please provide the booking confirmation either on paper or electronically, which will be used as proof of the services you have engaged and your reservation. Please keep it until you arrive at your chosen hotel and present it to staff at reception when you check in. Otherwise, the hotel will not accept responsibility for any errors related to the reservation (e.g. the rate, number of persons and/or services booked).

Please also keep the booking confirmation number, as you will need it to access the booking information should you wish to change or cancel your booking.

Please remember that everyone (including minors) who will be staying the chosen hotel must have the relevant ID documents, and any official, valid documents to verify:

- that the terms and conditions of the reservation have been met (i.e.. the age of the minors and identity of the persons who will be staying at the hotel) as specified in the reservation.

- that the terms and conditions of discounts, offers, promotions, etc. applied to the reservation have been met.

- that the guest owns the bank card used to make the pre-payment (where applicable).

Staff at hotel reception may ask you for these documents on arrival. If ID is not provided or any of the above conditions are not met, the hotel may charge you the full amount of your stay, even if prepayments have been made. The hotel also reserves the right to charge any amounts that have been deducted.

The reservation will be paid for in the official currency of the place in which the hotel is situated. The prices in other currencies shown in brackets just below the price in the hotel's currency, which feature in the reservation process and booking confirmation, are merely informative prices and are subject to variations in the exchange rate on that particular day.


Rates that include the term "from" are calculated for two (2) adults per room. If the reservation is for more or less people per room, the rate may vary.

The rates are only valid for individual reservations. They will not, under any circumstances, be applicable to groups (i.e.. for a reservation of ten (10) or more rooms) and/or special events.

Rates include applicable taxes at the time the reservation was formalized. However, if after formalizing the booking, there is an increase in an indirect applicable tax (such as, but not limited to, VAT or IGIC), or any new fees, taxes or charges are established on the services to be provided, the rates would be increased by the statutory amount.

You may make a complaint: (and it’s just) at reception of the chosen hotel; (b) by post, addressed to Hesperia, Department. Customer, Avda. Virgen de Bellvitge, 08097 Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain); (c) at the customer services portal (

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be viewed here:

2. Bookings

After formalizing the reservation, please check the details of the booking to make sure the information has been correctly entered. If details need to be corrected, please contact the operator with which you made the reservation.

Confirmation of the reservation

At the time the prepaid reservation is made, your account will display the movement of one currency unit (euro, dollar, pound, etc.) of the currency used for the confirmation of the reservation in order to verify the bank details provided. This amount will be returned, within a time-period that may vary according to the bank used.

By providing the details of the bank card you authorize this charge on your prepayment card, unpaid amounts and the penalties set out in the cancellation policy. HESPERIA undertakes to keep the information provided by its customers confidential.


With prepaid reservations, in the case of a no-show before 6.00 p.m. (local time at the hotel) on the day you are booked to arrive, no amount will be returned to you.

With secured reservations, unless the cancellation has been made effective as indicated above, in the case of a no-show before 6:00 p.m. (local time at the hotel) the day you are due to arrive at the hotel, the reservation will be cancelled automatically and you will be charged the amount indicated in the No-show section, included in the terms and conditions of the applicable rate.

If you expect to arrive after 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival (local time at the hotel) please contact the hotel directly (you will find the contact details on the reservation confirmation) and inform them accordingly.

3. Data protection for remote customer bookings

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be viewed here: .

4. Transactions

Due to fluctuations in exchange rates and possible bank charges, there may be a difference in the price at the time of payment and when you receive your card statement.

In accordance with Law 7/2012, of October 29, 2012 amending tax and budget legislation and adapting financial legislation to intensify actions to prevent and combat fraud, payment may not be made in cash for transactions involving sums of over (and including) 2,500 euros or the equivalent amount in foreign currency.

If the person paying justifies that he/she does not have a tax residence in Spain and is not acting on behalf of a business or employer, the limit on cash payments will be 15,000 euros or the equivalent amount in foreign currency.

In the case of non-Spanish residents, the person paying must sign a statement at the hotel when paying and show proof of his/her tax residence (i.e.. valid passport and/or certificate validly issued by the tax authority in their country). For transactions that cannot be paid for in cash, the parties involved must retain the payment receipts for a period of 5 years from the date of receipt to certify that payment was made through a payment method other than cash. They must also provide such receipts to the State Tax Agency.

5. Amendment of Terms and Conditions

HESPERIA reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in full or partially.

6. Legal Information

For the purposes of article 10.1 of Information Society Services and E-Commerce Law 34/2002 Of July 11, 2002 it is placed on record that the service provider is HESPERIA WORLD, S.L.U., with registered office at Avda. Virgen de Bellvitge, number 3, CP 08907, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain), and employer identification number B-67.307.242, pending registration at the Barcelona Commercial Registry. It’s contact e-mail is:

Tax Information

The booking made via HESPERIA will be billed by the Hesperia Group company that operates the hotel as the company responsible for both providing the services booked by you under this reservation and its charge.